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Before the Fall

Only 99 cents.

I see the wind sweep up the sand

As you go you touch my hand

I’ve seen this sorrow in your eyes

I felt the tears I’ve made you cry


It’s always calm before the storm

So tell me what - did I do wrong

Before a tear falls from your eyes

I would tear through open skies


Before the fall of all this truth

It was only me and you

We would show the world a thing or two

Before the fall of all we knew


We lost the dream of me and you

And gave it up for what was new

We tore the magic from our eyes

And gaze alone through wind swept skies


I walk along this barren land

With this hole where love had been

If I fly through hallowed halls

Ill rise to feel love’s call


To pull the sun down from it perch

To build a dream for what its worth

To rise above this bed of lies

And turn what’s wrong back to right

Shawn Harris: Lyrics, Vocals, Guitar / Doug Ross: Bass / Chris Smith: Drums / Ian Cameron: Violin / Jay Stanley: shaker

Shawn Harris © 2009